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Radioactivity from crippled Fukushima reactors turns up off B.C. coast

Excerpt from the article. “VANCOUVER — Radioactivity from Japan’s crippled nuclear reactors has turned up off the British Columbia coast and the level will likely peak in waters off North America in the next year or two, according to a Canadian-led team that’s intercepted the nuclear plume.” ……. To read the full article go to http://news.nationalpost.com/news/canada/radioactivity-from-crippled-fukushima-reactors-turns-up-off-b-c-coast

Mass UFO sighting at Canada baseball game

On full screen stop it at 11 seconds. To me it looks like the lights are underneath and there is a triangle shape on top. I’m not good at knowing whether vids are fake or not. I wonder if any experts have looked at this, and what they have to say about it.
Multiple witnesses observed a strange object in the sky during a baseball game in Vancouver.
The minor league game took place at the Scotiabank Field at Nat Bailey Stadium and saw the Vancouver Canadians taking on the Everett AquaSox. Not all eyes were on the players however as part way through the game something strange turned up in the sky above………..
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Don’t feed the birds: Idyllic town becoming an avian toilet as thousands of pigeons descend on Trail, B.C.

……………… “We have a big bridge across the Columbia River that has open spans, big girders, and the pigeons made a home of it. There are thousands of them. On the bridge, for a while, you almost had to have an umbrella handy to go across it just to avoid being sprayed. Our merchants downtown are constantly cleaning feces off the sidewalks.”

Life has become a great big poopy mess for Trail residents. But the town is not alone in confronting an unforeseen menace. The Animal Kingdom has been on the march in burghs across the country, butting up against humankind and flexing, in some locales, its reproductive prowess.

……………… Now we have pigeons, and their poop, in Trail, B.C. Pigeon feces, in addition to being messy, are a particularly noxious substance linked to an alphabet soup of diseases — cryptococcosis, histoplasmosis, psittacosis — with potentially dire consequences, such as death, for those unfortunate enough to contract them.

The above is only an excerpt from an article at the National Post Joe O’Connor 13/04/05 8:50 PM ET

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