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Insanely dangerous! Anti-gun public service announcement encourages kids to steal parents’ guns and turn them in to teachers

Below is only an excerpt. To read the full article go to the link.
“A provocative public service announcement released by a San Francisco-based production company encourages children to put themselves at risk and commit a slew of crimes by stealing their parents’ guns from home and turning them in at school.” ……..
The following is a comment by SOTT inside the article. “Comment: One call to 911, and a SWAT team will arrive, and the child will be shot.”



10,000 2-3 year olds are on psychotropic drugs for ‘ADHD’ – A Sott Exclusive

Outrageous!!! I agree that, they should be subject to malpractice ………..
………… “Dr. Lawrence H. Diller, a behavioral pediatrician in California, thought the news was outrageous:
“People prescribing to 2-year-olds are just winging it. It is outside the standard of care, and they should be subject to malpractice if something goes wrong with a kid.” ……..
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For your safety: N.Y.P.D. strips hijabs from Muslim children in Bronx park

……………. “They said they asked for ID,” Wilson told the Daily News. “But I didn’t hear them.”

When the teens didn’t respond, one of the officers put Wilson in a chokehold, while his female partner threw Chapman to the ground. Once the pair were restrained, police allegedly removed their hijabs, or Muslim headscarves………..
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