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Mystery of strange radio bursts from space

Excerpt from the article. “Mysterious radio wave flashes from far outside the galaxy are proving tough for astronomers to explain. Is it pulsars? A spy satellite? Or an alien message? BURSTS of radio waves flashing across the sky seem to follow a mathematical pattern. If the pattern is real, either some strange celestial physics is going on, or the bursts are artificial, produced by human – or alien – technology.”…….. To read the full article go to http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg22630153.600-is-this-et-mystery-of-strange-radio-bursts-from-space.html?full=true#.VR63V5Nka1B

Former NSA and CIA director Michael Hayden says terrorists love using Gmail. Oh ya??

Do ya think, that possibly they, NSA,CIA etc, might also love Gmail, and might be encouraging their accomplices, those who are out there helping them, to do their spying, to also be  encouraging their own supporters / followers / clients / etc to use Gmail also??
* By accomplices I also mean the ones we don’t even suspect are helping them. For example,  people we hear on internet radio, or interviews, articles etc.
To read this article go to

Coast To Coast AM – Aug 26 2013 – Electronic Harassment

Dr. John Hall’s part of this show starts at about 9 min.
Coast To Coast AM – Aug 26 2013 – Electronic Harassment/ UFO Oddities – C2CAM, Radio