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Islamic terror and the great deception

Excerpts from the article. …… “They (unseen adepts) have spent hundreds of years creating the public mindset which they manipulate in our generation with the most perfect precision. Words, phrases and thought patterns are a political science that triggers exact and predictable responses to political rhetoric.” …..
…… “The masses are programmed into a mental straightjacket and few will ever escape. Not more than a few thousand people in the entire world think their own thoughts and are alert to the nature and spirit of political anarchy that reigns as Western civilization. We have come to believe that chaos is order, that war is peace.

Islamic terrorism is a perfect example of their handiwork. It is the greatest deception of this age and is being used to deprive you of your sons and daughters, your wealth, your liberty and, if you are a Christian, your faith.”…..
To read the full article go to http://redicecreations.com/article.php?id=32760

Very Interesting Information!! From a Former Light Worker

I just discovered this site and I find what this man has to say both informative, and worth considering.
All I have read at this website so far is at the link below and I don’t know anything else about this man.
I’m going to be checking things out more in the future.
He also has Podcasts available at his site.
Here’s the link


I haven’t watched this yet but it might be interesting.