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Willful ignorance: Scientists banned from advising the EPA

Excerpt. …….. “Apparently they feel the EPA should not take advice from independent scientists at all. In fact, they believe it so strongly that they just passed a bill barring the freaking ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY from taking the advice of independent scientists. They are now expected to take their advice from people who are “industry affiliated.” Oh – and those people don’t actually have to be scientists at all.” ……
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USDA goes paramilitary: Organic certifier buying submachine guns with night sites, 30-round magazines

“The U.S. Department of Agriculture is joining the militarization trend that’s spreading like wildfire across federal agencies. Both the EPA and IRS currently have armed federal agents, and recent events involving the BLM in Nevada showed that even the Bureau of Land Management possesses a small army of long-range snipers and heavily armed paramilitary operators.” …………..
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UK Man Arrested, Charged With Hacking US Gov Computers

It’s interesting how this British man has been arrested and charged………………………………
……………………….. Where are the arrests of those in the NSA? Where are the charges?
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EPA to allow the consumption of toxic fracking wastewater by wildlife and livestock

……………. The EPA has just posted proposed new water discharge permits for the nearly dozen oil fields on or abutting the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming as the EPA has Clean Water Act jurisdiction on tribal lands. Besides not even listing the array of toxic chemicals being discharged, the proposed permits have monitoring requirements so weak that water can be tested long after fracking events or maintenance flushing. In addition, the permits lack any provisions to protect the health of wildlife or livestock.
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Despite Irrefutable Evidence of Toxicity and Death, Monsanto’s Friends at the EPA Raise Allowable Glysophate Levels

Great news!  You no longer have to worry about excessive levels of glyphosate, the toxic chemical found in Monsanto’s Round-up pesticide, in your food or in the feed that livestock consumes.  Why not?  Well, the Environmental Deception Protection Agency has looked over the situation, and in their infinite wisdom, raised the safety threshold of glyphosate that is allowed to be in consumable goods.
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