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NSA plans to infect ‘millions’ of computers with malware

I hope this commenter doesn’t mind me pasting their comment here.
Below is a comment by a reader at Sott. Link to the article below.
By: happyliza
On Facebook I noticed that whenever I clicked on anything that instead of reading facebook’s normal little box that appears on the bottom left hand corner of the Facebook page, I nearly always got something that read like:

aka facebook abaid (etc. or similar)

When I saw aka I instinctively thought this is not legit, and it is saying so in plain sight.

I may be wrong but would be interested to know why this search indicator changed. Thu, 13 Mar 2014 13:54 CDT


Cops patrolling Facebook for predictive policing

……….. But specialized software and sensors aren’t the only tools law enforcement officers are using to look into suspicious activity. In Los Angeles, one police department has at least one officer on the clock 24 hours a day patrolling social media sites for unusual activity.

Tweets, Facebook posts and even Instagram photos are all subject to surveillance, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Capt. Mike Parker admits to the San Gabriel Valley Tribune. Parker works with the eight-member Electronic Communications Triage, or eComm Unit that monitor public social media posts at all hours of the day in order to see if advertised parties and other get-togethers could benefit from a surprise visit by the police. Read More…