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Weird magnetic anomaly reveals ancient tectonic crash

…………… “A new look at one of these clues reveals that a weird magnetic signal near Florida shows the peninsula stuck to North America’s heel like a piece of old tape about 300 million years ago, when the central and southern Appalachian mountains were built.” …………
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One of the most significant prehistoric sites in the United States found in Miami

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Mystery of Florida Navy vet who passed out and was only able to speak Swedish when he woke up and remembers nothing of his previous life

Michael Boatwright was discovered unconscious in a Motel 6 room in February, but when he awoke could not remember anything about himself, recognize even his own reflection, nor how to speak English.

……………. Doctors at Desert Regional Medical Center have theorized that his total memory loss was triggered by some kind of emotional or physical trauma – what exactly that was though, they admit to drawing a blank on.
The above are only excerpts from an article at Sott by James Nye Daily Mail UK Mon, 15 Jul 2013 13:12 CDT
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