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Florida rally says: “Buzz off, Monsanto”

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Miami-Dade police choke black teenager because he was giving them “dehumanizing stares”

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Wave of Mutilation: “Alien Autopsy” Discovered on Wild Boar in Florida Forest

At the end of the article there are comments by Byron Malerba the guy that took the video.
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Roadkill For Dinner? Montana Wants To Make It Legal

…………… A bill now working its way through the Montana legislature would make it legal to scavenge game found dead on the highway, take it home, and cook it up for dinner. Shocked? You shouldn’t be. Eating roadkill is already legal in Alaska, Wisconsin, New York, Florida, West Virginia and Illinois, and many others simply look the other way, though it’s technically against the law.

The above is only an excerpt from an article at From The Trenches Posted on April 1, 2013 by Angel – NYC.

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Footlong Snails Are Taking Over the World


Snails the size of footballs are sludging their way across the world, killing  crops and carrying meningitis along with them.  For more pictures and info click Read More…