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John Hogue – Predictions For 2015

Below is a 14:44 clip of John Hogue interviewed by Jeff Rense. To easily find all the predictions I have here so far for 2015 hover over Predictions at the top then click Predictions 2015 and scroll down.

John Hogue: Is War Coming?? Interview April 4, 2014

Also John talks about the Grand Cross.
This interview will only be available until Whitley puts up his next interview at the end of next week. After that it will be archived and you must be a subscriber to listen to it.

The listen to the interview go to

Flashback to 1994 – An Interview with John Hogue by Art Bell

This is the first interview John did with Art Bell. John Hogue describes himself as a “Rogue” scholar. He is a Nostradamus expert and prophecy scholar.

2014 Predictions by 4 people

To listen to the interview go to
Psychic Joe Jacobs, consultant George Ure, numerologist Glynis McCants, and prophecy expert John Hogue.

John Hogue Interview – Astrology, Prophecy, Syria, etc.

Very Interesting interview so far!
To put this in full context you have to listen to the interview.
………. repetitive problems of the fundemental issue of human nature which is needing to be addressed because it’s the next great Hitler (we need to fight) that all of us need to look at, and I call it simply “Stupid”………..” This part at about 56 or 57 mins.
LOL!!!!! I agree!!!
However, I do think some of this “Stupid” is being imposed on us. As soon as one begins to wake up it gets progressively harder for them to do that.
I haven’t listened to much of the interview yet, but so far he has been talking a lot about the current astrology affecting us, nations, Syria, and he talks about other things also.
Coast To Coast AM – Sept 04 2013 – Future Events – C2CAM Radio John Hogue’s part begins at about 39 min.
A#118 I don’t know why, but for some reason YT videos tend to disappear after a while. It’s probably still there at YT so try typing in the title of the video or use other search words to find it.

The New Pope: What You HAVEN’T Been Told

You can listen to/download this  33 min 52 sec interview with John Hogue now, but it will only be available until late next week when he posts the next interview. Unless you are a subscriber.


John Hogue’s website.  http://www.hogueprophecy.com/