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Dutch government refuses to reveal details of secret pact into MH17 crash probe

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‘Starry Night’ solar powered bike path unveiled in the The Netherlands

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UFO With S-Shaped Fin Photographed Over Netherlands Castle

This is another UFO that looks like a missile.
In the article it says “If it had been any type of missile, it would’ve had multiple fins, but facing the same direction.” but it looks like a missile to me.
On June 7 I posted another UFO that looked like a missile.
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Netherlands raises terror threat level

The Netherlands has raised its terror threat level, citing concerns that Dutch citizens who have fought in Syria are returning more radicalised.

The authorities have put the level up from “limited” to “substantial” – the second highest category.

The government says there are also signs of growing radicalisation among young Dutch at home.

Security is expected to be a priority in two months when Crown Prince Willem-Alexander officially becomes king. Read More…