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End of the World Predicted by Viking Norse Myth This Saturday February 22, 2014

Not gonna happen of course, but it’s an interesting read and some of this myth sounds just like what IS going on in this world right now.
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February 2014 There will be an announcement, and the world will change on the date of that announcement.

The Farsight Institutes, Courtney Brown – “Something important is going to happen sometime next month, February 2014. Nothing can stop it now. There will be an announcement, and the world will change on the date of that announcement.”……………..
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An announcement from Courtney Brown
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Will Something Happen on July 8, 2014??

UPDATE Jan 6 2014 https://saltyme.wordpress.com/2014/01/06/navidia-behind-the-chular-crop-circle-dec-28-2013-article-video/
Linda Moulton Howe has been investigating the crop circle that was found in Chualar California December 28, 2013 (Chualar barley pattern). She is still investigating but so far it seems to be pointing to the date July 8, 2014.
There are many interesting details, pictures, and much info on her site and in the interview. Links below. Linda’s is the first guest in the interview. FF to about 10 min 30 sec.
* (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rdQHhI3__c&feature=c4-overview-vl&list=PL9vloEKUtJvP6hBtx4QernTvfeBnCsbhH)
* http://www.earthfiles.com/news.php?ID=2157&category=Environment

Scientist predicts Earth is heading for another Ice Age – next year!

As Arctic Britain prepares to shiver for at least another month, a leading scientist today predicted the world was heading for another Ice Age.

Incredibly, British Summer Time officially starts tomorrow but millions of brassed off Brits pining for warmth will have to endure freezing temperatures and biting winds until May.

The misery will continue with daytime temperatures struggling to reach a bracing 5C (41F). The only ray of sunshine, forecasters said, is that it will stay dry.

As if the outlook wasn’t bleak enough already, meteorologists believe the shivering start to 2013 has been the coldest in more than 200 years.

More worryingly, the combination of sub-zero temperatures and heavy snow experienced across much of the country recently could be the prelude to a new Ice Age that will begin next year and last for 200 years.

Russian scientist Dr Habibullo Abdussamatov, of the St Petersburg Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory, painted the Doomsday scenario saying the recent inclement weather simply proved we were heading towards a frozen planet. Read More…