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Planet X And Astro-Planetology Entering A New Paraigm

WOW! This is interesting!! Already it has 10,460 + views and it was just posted yesterday! Below are links to Kameran’s theory (pdf) “Planet X And Astro-Planetology Entering A New Paraigm, and Kerry’s website. I think Kerry may have spelled his last name wrong, he spells it Faily in the pdf. I never heard of this guy before. I don’t know if he’s disinfo or not.

pdf http://projectcamelotportal.com/files/A_New_Chance.pdf
Kerry’s website http://projectcamelotportal.com/blog/31-kerrys-blog/2472-new-planet-x-an-interview-with-kameran-fally

Coast To Coast AM – March 25 2013 Vatican & ETs / Free Energy C2CAM

A fascinating interview!

Vatican preparing for Alien Saviors.  Whatever!!

Tom Horn’s part begins at about 9 min 18 sec. This is Tom’s first time back on Coast since the new Pope Francis was chosen.

To find related info here type Pope or Vatican in search at top right. There are also links and videos in the comments.