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Strange Phenomenon: Space rock explodes in atmosphere? Strange ‘explosion’ in the sky turns night to day in the Urals, Russia (Videos)

Excerpt. ……….”According to regional television neither meteorologists nor scientists can explain the strange phenomenon. A local observatory indicated nothing fell from the sky on the day of the flash. Local officials from the Emergencies Ministry refused to comment on the happening.”…….. There is also another video in the article. The link is below this video.


Green Meteorite May Be from Mercury, a First


This green meteorite that landed in Morocco in 2012 could be from Mercury.
CREDIT: Stefan Ralew/sr-meteorites.de

Scientists may have discovered the first meteorite from Mercury.

The green rock found in Morocco last year may be the first known visitor from the solar system’s innermost planet, according to meteorite scientist Anthony Irving, who unveiled the new findings this month at the 44th annual Lunar and Planetary Science Conference in The Woodlands, Texas. The study suggests that a space rock called NWA 7325 came from Mercury, and not an asteroid or Mars.

NWA 7325 is actually a group of 35 meteorite samples discovered in 2012 in Morocco. They are ancient, with Irving and his team dating the rocks to an age of about 4.56 billion years. Read More…

Four Asteroids Buzz Earth in Single Week


The 460-foot (140-meter) asteroid 2013 ET is seen through a Slooh Space Camera telescope in the Canary Islands on March 9, 2013, during its close approach to Earth. The asteroid was just within 600,000 miles of Earth, about 2.5 times the Earth-moon distance. CREDIT: Slooh Space Camera

In the last seven days, an asteroid 131 feet (40 meters) across and three smaller space rocks have zoomed safely by Earth, the latest demonstration that we live in a solar system that some scientists have dubbed a “cosmic shooting gallery.” Read More…