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Archon Influence & Removal – The Matrix, Archons, The New Age and the Lords of Karma

One things Cameron Day says is that energy work sometimes isn’t enough to discharge trauma, that the physical body can hold trauma too, and that there is a muscle that most people don’t know about that tends to hold undischarged trauma, he goes on to talk about what you can do to release it, and he says we need to get rid of the emotional charge attached to traumas.  Excerpt from Cameron Day’s website about the interview.“In this talk we discuss astral parasites, the false light, how people can protect themselves from manipulative influences, healing ourselves, cleaning up the astral and much, much more.”To listen to the interview go to http://www.ascensionhelp.com/blog/2014/12/01/december-2014-podcast/ Cameron’s home page http://www.ascensionhelp.com/

Dr. Colin Ross interview, pt. 1 – “What Is Mind Control” – Gnostic Media episode #161

One thing Dr. Ross says is that MK Ultra is the best known, but it is actually one of the milder mind control projects.

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Haunted by trauma, tsunami survivors in Japan turn to exorcists

The tsunami that engulfed northeastern Japan two years ago has left some survivors believing they are seeing ghosts.
In a society wary of admitting to mental problems, many are turning to exorcists for help.
Tales of spectral figures lined up at shops where now there is only rubble are what psychiatrists say is a reaction to fear after the March 11, 2011, disaster in which nearly 19,000 people were killed.
“The places where people say they see ghosts are largely those areas completely swept away by the tsunami,” said Keizo Hara, a psychiatrist in the city of Ishinomaki, one of the areas worst-hit by the waves touched off by an offshore earthquake.