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“Fungus Among Us” in B.C. Forests: Non-Native Fungus Threatens Trees: Report

PNG1217N sunnyweather 02Our world is changing and I guess we’re going to have to get used to plants insects and animals dying off. Unlike some of the US and some other parts of the world British Columbia has had another mild winter. Of course they put a in a plug for global warming as a contributing cause but I think cold in some places and warm in others is a normal part of the coming ice age. To read the article go to http://www.ecanadanow.com/fungus-among-us-in-b-c-forests-fungus-threatens-trees-report/92949/


???????????????????????????????????????? A Tree

A tree  along the mountainside lay withering in sorrow,

  Ah! Think of what I might have been had I been let to grow,

  Up tall with the sun to shine upon my upturned face,

 My branches spread all stately, green and full of grace.

 To bend and sway when the wind would blow,

And, swirling, let me leaves cover the ground below,

To watch the children in summer as they frolic in the sun,

And wish at times that I, too, could laugh and jump and run.

To gladly let my leaves and bark be nibbled by the deer,

Or be used as an itching post for some itchy steer.

For talking happy picnickers to eat beneath my shade,

As shelter for kids at play, pretending there’s a raid.

In autumn, with wondrous joy, to have leaves of every hue,

To blush with pride and happiness and bring pleasure to you.

Alas, these treasures will be lost to me,

As the things that could have been will cease to be.

Man with so little thought has laid so much to waste,

Thinking seldom of the beauty with which our earth’s been graced.

By Marian Ashley



The ‘scream’ trees make when they are thirsty is heard for first time

Scientists believe they have made the first ever recording of a tree gasping for water.

Just as humans make a noise as they desperately try to gulp air, living trees make ultrasonic popping noises as they draw in as much moisture as possible to survive during a drought.

The sounds are a hundred times faster than can be heard by the human ear, but a team led by French physicist Philippe Marmottant at Grenoble University believe they have been able to slow the process down sufficiently to be heard during a recent lab experiment.

The above is only an excerpt from an article at Sott by Steve Robson The Daily Mail Thu, 02 May 2013 07:34 CDT

To read the full article go to