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New! Jerry Wills Radio Show

Jerry Wills has a new radio show starting next week, Monday June 2, 2014 at 7pm pacific / 10pm eastern.
Below is an excerpt from his newsletter.
Hello Everyone…
Kathy and I are so excited! We have heard from so many of you over the months since dear Kevin Smith left us, and have been working away preparing for NEXT WEEK!

Why next week?

Well, that’s when Kathy and I launch our new 2 hour radio show on the DeProgrammed Radio Network, “Jerry Wills Radio”. That’s their link and icon to your left < < < (The link is below)

Let’s not forget Kathy will also be a voice here from time to time as she monitors the console at mission control, chipping in from time to time. WE HAVE NO ONE TO MAKE THE COFFEE! Despite this we believe we will prevail…

Following in the genre of KSS, Kathy and I plan to cover the paranormal, ancient civilizations, megalithic sites, UFO’s… I’m sure you get the idea. Additionally, I intend to cover various health related subjects relative to my work as a healer.

We have 4 shows planned for June – 1 per week beginning Monday June 2nd. Will we go beyond June? That depends on you…. is anyone listening?

Each program tackles a new subject. And as you expect we are taking callers. Listen for when “lines are open”.

Call in Details
Skype: thejerrywillsshow
Phone in: 928-239-9147
Website DeDeProgrammed Radio Network
Jerry has 2 websites
* http://www.xpeditions.tv/
* http://www.jerrywills.com/

Explanation for Some Fireballs and UFO’s? – Hessdalen Phenomenon

Very interesting!! Watch the video, it’s a good one.
With changes in the Earth’s magnetic field, the Earth’s core changes, changes from chemtrailing, etc, etc, and then there is HAARP (and ilk) “managing the ionosphere”, (scroll down to read my HAARP post from yesterday) I suspect that A Lot of these fireball and UFO sightings are result of these changes and other naturally occurring phenomena.
The universe is changing and I think we Earthlings will see activity like this increase in the future.
I still think there probably are extraterrestrials out there, but science doesn’t understand everything yet, and I don’t think all, or even most of these sightings are from extraterrestrial activity.

It’s best to read the short article yourself but here it is in a nutshell. Article link below video.
Orange fireballs, blue and white flashes of light, and in the daytime these lights look metallic. They may be a natural phenomenon from a unique geology in the area, and air turned into plasma.
These lights are particularly common after the a Northern Lights show when solar wind ionizes the earth’s atmosphere.


CIA Chief Roscoe Hillenkoetter on UFO Cover-up in New York Times

…………… “Note: if you click on this link to purchase this article from the New York Times, you will see that their database has misspelled the article title to read “Air Forge” rather than “Air Force.” The New York Times is generally meticulous about editing and correcting errors. This error has now stood at least since 2003 when we first searched and could not find the article because of this misspelling. Could this be intentional to make it difficult for people to find the article when searching their database?” ………….
The quote above is from Want To Know. To read the full article go to

Joseph Chiappalone Interviewed by Randy Maugans – Feb 2014

I don’t follow Joseph Chiappalone but post this for those that may be interested.
The links to part 2 of the interview, and the websites for Randy Maugans and Dr Chiappalone are under the video.

From under the YT video
Joseph Chiappalone is medical doctor (GP) located in Australia, who says he was relayed critical insights and information while aboard an extra-dimensional craft in 1985. He says that the Universe (the physical creation) was an experiment gone wrong; that it is scheduled for “correction” (i.e.-termination), and that true conscious beings are being prepared for the inevitable return back to cosmic balance with Source. On this interview he explains his long-held expectations, and the cosmology that actually underpins true consciousness.

Part 2
* (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Aj2HznmWuc&list=UUZZY5qcEmnjon4KcNobVPgA&feature=c4-overview)
Randy Maugans website
* http://offplanetradio.com/
Dr Joseph Chiappalone’s website.
* http://www.jchiappalone.com/


It’s fascinating watching these!
At about 38 seconds or a bit more I see a gray streak, or a craft, in the center of the video and a bit to the right, it travels to the left then all of a sudden poof, it turns into an orange fireball, then poof, one of the fireballs turns into a craft again. These fireballs look like they have headlights.

Has this video from May 30, 2013 ever been proven fake??
For more info click Show more under the YT video.