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Water being auctioned for millions of dollars in California as drought reaches extremes

We here in British Columbia Canada are being affected by the California drought too. A few days ago they said on the news that we here in B.C. can expect the price of fruit and vegetable to soar. The competition is gone so B.C. growers can charge whatever they want. The price of fruit and veggies here is already really high, and the price of meat is outrageous!!
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Air Dams and the Klamath Basin Water Crisis

The above photo is a satellite NOAA photo capture for Sunday, June 30, 2013. Notice the rope-like spray lines off the central California coast. If you run the NW 4K visible satellite animation here:


You will see that they have established an air dam which is very effectively preventing monsoonal moisture from reaching the central valley of California and potentially coming up to Klamath County, Oregon in the form of summer thunderstorms. Watch how the approaching monsoonal system veers off when hitting the introduced hatch lines and begins to head north like it just hit a wall. Similar to placing a dam across flowing water, they are placing spray lines in the upper atmosphere which prevents the Pacific frontal systems from moving onshore. It is postulated that the spray lines act like mini high pressure areas which can be then used to direct low pressure instabilities. My friends, this is high school physics and pathetically easy to accomplish with upper altitude aerosoling.
We will NEVER resolve the Klamath Basin Water Crisis until the adverse objectives of geo-engineering are called out!…………….
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Nestlé is sucking water from an Ontario watershed during drought conditions

……………. And now, we have discovered that Nestlé is sucking a Canadian community dry during drought conditions — just to sell bottled water.
Nestlé has won a permit to drain the local aquifer dry at any time, while the community of Hillsburg, Ontario has to restrict its water use during dry conditions every summer.

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Canadian mine yields world’s oldest free-flowing water: new research

Researchers have discovered that reservoirs of ancient water locked deep within the Canadian Shield may have been cut off from the surface for as long as 2.7 billion years — more than half the planet’s current age.

The water was collected 2.4 kilometres below the surface in a Timmins, Ont. mine. It is the oldest free-flowing water ever measured and a long-buried time capsule that carries a signature of Earth’s atmosphere from a distant past that coincides with the rise of oxygen breathing life.

 The above is only an excerpt from an article at The Globe and Mail by Ivan Semeniuk Published Wednesday, May. 15 2013, 1:00 PM EDT.

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