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  1. tkmorin says :

    You do have darn good posts here! 🙂

  2. pollyann says :

    A note: A bit earlier I went through your whole blog back to your first post and all videos loaded up. I have a pretty fast Internet connection and most web pages, no matter where on the Web, load up instantly for me. At some point after you disabled the Infinite Scroll function that day I checked your blog and the videos on the top page loaded up quickly but when I started going back to the older posts using the button at the bottom of each page, some of the videos did not load until I clicked my way forward again to the most recent posts on the first page. Today when I checked a little while ago, as I already mentioned, it was not doing that and all looked okay during my check. FWIW at this moment.

    • Salty says :

      Thanks for the tip about unchecking the Infinite Scroll function Polly , and thanks for getting back to me about that, I really appreciate it. 🙂

  3. pollyann says :

    Can you delete the above post?? The video didn’t upload.

  4. Salty says :

    Polly, cool video! To post it I had to use a different address.

  5. pollyann says :

    I was going to post a different url but it was best for you to do it in case the different url had the same result as the first one. It was amazing to watch what happens in the video.

  6. pollyann says :

    Salty, you have to see Montagraph’s video of today (2-23-13), Outrageous Creepy Alert.

  7. pollyann says :

    Salty, did you feel the solar storm hit a while ago?? I did. I started feeling exhausted with a need to sleep.

    • Salty says :

      I guess that’s why I’ve had the feeing of pressure like a baloon being blown in my head and tension. I should have looked before.
      I just looked now and I see the Geomagnetic Field Storm etc.

  8. pollyann says :

    At first I thought the sudden exhaustion was just me but then I thought to look at the solar data to see what had occurred.

    • pollyann says :

      Plus, I am feeling panicky.

      • pollyann says :

        One of the times I woke up early this morning I could feel the solar radiation. It is a very creepy feeling.

        • Salty says :

          Hi Polly,
          It amazes me how you can pinpoint what exactly the cause is of different things are.
          I feel various different things too but I’m usually not so good at pinpointing the exact cause, although sometimes there is no doubt in my mine what the cause is.
          I just woke up a little while ago but so far today I’m feeling ok and not as tense as yesterday.

          • pollyann says :

            That’s why I have to hide out so much since I am picking up on so many different kinds of energies. It had to be a mix of solar radiation and artificial frequencies.

  9. Salty says :

    Duncan O’Finioan and Miranda Kelly: Dénouement Saturday, March 2, 2013 at 2:56PM

  10. pollyann says :

    I listened to 2/3 of it last night and the rest just now.

    • Salty says :

      Lol! You must be reading my mind again Polly! I was just going to ask you if you had listened yet.

      I listened to it last night. I was tired but I don’t think I missed anything they said. Except for D saying he and M have been fighting I didn’t really hear anything new. Did you?

      I had forgotten about the black line across the sun thing.

      Any thoughts on what they said?

  11. pollyann says :

    The part about ammunition being changed and guns not working for a while was something I never considered. No wonder all of the ammo has been bought up. The black line across the sun is something that stayed with me. Duncan now says he thinks it will be from a comet passing across the face of the sun. Back when he first mentioned it my thought was that a narrow, horizontal coronal hole will appear to divide the earth-facing surface of the sun in two.

    • Salty says :

      In this interview and in past interviews and letters etc Duncan says that he personally will deal with this or that person. I’ve never heard him say How he plans to do that, not that I can recall anyway.
      In this interview he mentions, compares the situation to Romulus & Remus.
      I hope he does not mean to deal with that person as Romulus dealt with Remus!
      I’ve always wondered if he means to do something along the lines of what Romulus did to Remus when he says he will deal personally with someone.
      Have you ever in the past, or in this interview heard him say How (in what way) he plans to personally deal with certain people?

      • pollyann says :

        He did mention causing chaos, and I forget what other word he used, for some people. I’m sure he is highly trained in psychic warfare.

        • Salty says :

          Not so long ago 2 or 3 months, I read something where Bill Ryan spoke highly of Duncan’s psychic abibities.

  12. pollyann says :

    He and Miranda use their abilities for healing and intel gathering aside from what they were trained to do.

  13. pollyann says :

    LMAO!!! I bought a package of two rib-eye steaks last evening which amounted to 1.09 lb. and the cost was $15.79. ROTFLMAO!! I have to laugh!!

    • Salty says :

      Yikes! That’s a rip-off Polly!!
      Using the numbers you give above that would mean each steak was over 7 pounds!
      $15.79 divide by $1.09 = 14.486238 total pounds, divide that by 2 = 7.243119 lbs,, the weight of each steak.
      For $15.79 you should have received over 14 pounds of meat.
      They correct the price for you before you paid. Right??

  14. pollyann says :

    The weight of the two steaks was 1.09 lbs. The price per pound was $14 and change so the total price was $15.79.

    • Salty says :

      Oh! LOL!! I get it now Polly, I thought 1.09 was the price per lb.
      The price of food is sooo high here. Lean hamburger is about $3.70 per lb or more unless it’s on sale. Sometimes the price shoots way up for a few weeks then goes back to about $3.70 per lb.

      A month or two ago MSM was saying the price of food is expected to increase by 10%, and more for some things. They had a list of items. What I recall is that the price of pork is supposed to go through the roof this spring.
      Weren’t they saying that last year too about the price of food increasing 10% this year?
      It’s getting harder and harder to make ends meet.

  15. pollyann says :

    Lol!! Yes, food prices are ridiculous and I’ve had to cut back on things!! When I buy a pound of buffalo hamburg it is $9.29. It’s been that high for about a year. We’re all going to be grazing on grass before long!! Lol!!

  16. pollyann says :

    Salty, are you into crafts?? Down here that means making things by hand in case the term is not familiar.

    • Salty says :

      Crafts! I haven’t even thought about crafts for years! Are you crafty?
      I’m not very crafty but if I found something interesting and not expensive to do I might be interested.
      Did you have something particular in mind?

  17. pollyann says :

    Nothing in particular. I was curious. No, I don’t do crafts but it came to mind and I thought I would ask.

  18. Salty says :

    I’ve been trying to define exactly what I’ve been sensing for the last few days, particularly since March 4th or 5th. The best I can do so far is to say ‘the energies are erratic’.
    It feels terrible!

  19. pollyann says :

    I knew. I kept having the feeling that he was gone. He did not moderate my last post on his blog and I kept thinking to email him and I kept getting telepathically that he was gone. Khris was/still is one of my people. A recap for anyone who reads this: Randy said he passed on Feb. 12th and did not suicide. His psychic friends confirmed it. He doesn’t know the circumstances of his death yet. Khris wanted to go because he wrote in February that he felt he could be of more use elsewhere and was totally disgusted with the state of affairs on this planet. Salty, if you find out anything more please let me know. Randy also said he and Wolf Spirit radio have parted ways. Geez!! Hugs for Khris!!

    • Salty says :

      That post in Feb also caught my attention, it didn’t feel right, it sounded ominous to me, a portent.
      Re Randy and Wolf Spirit. Yep, something’s up there.
      I’m not too wordy right now Polly but I will definitely let you know if I find anything else out.

      Please let me know if you find out anything else.

  20. pollyann says :

    I will. I can think of three people who likely know more about Khris but I don’t have their email addresses. I only know one of them. Strangely enough, that was the same day Chris Dorner died.

    • Salty says :

      I tried searching the Oregon obituaries but couldn’t find anything.

      I don’t remember when he was born, was it March 1980?
      I keep hoping that it’s all a mistake, but I don’t think Randy would say he died unless he himself believed it to be true.

      Here is what I found in Google search, also scroll down to the bottom and click page 2 there may be more there.

      • Salty says :

        Also see this one from Google.

        • Salty says :

          Obits. There are 3 listings on this page for Kristan J Neal age 36, Randy said 33.? I don’t know if this is him or not.

          • pollyann says :

            That’s him. Randy said 36. He was 36. Thanks!! I’m bummed!!

            • Salty says :

              Hi Polly,
              It’s so sad. 😦
              I can’t find the exact cause of death anywhere, it only says natural causes, I guess we may never find out. I don’t recall him ever saying that he had a terminal illness, a bad heart or anything.
              Anyway, let me know if you find out any more info.

              • pollyann says :

                I’ll bet there are a few, unnamed people who know exactly what kind of natural causes he died from, in his own home. He was under a lot of attack, for one reason, because of helping others.

                • pollyann says :

                  He was going to write a post about End Times Programming. I’ll bet he started it, at least, and never posted it. The last I see any activity from him on his blog is Feb. 7th. He was dead five days later.

  21. Martijn says :

    Shocking and saddening message.

    I found this:

    He was/is a very nice and kind guy.
    I can totally relate to his dislike and disgust of this world.
    All the best to you, Khris.

  22. Lizbeth says :

    Hi Salty, Polly and Martijn – It’s good to see the ole’ gang all on one page…
    Great blog, Salty.

    HI KHRIS – you’re in our (((hearts))) and you certainly won’t be forgotten.

    This is terribly sad and premature to say the least! Sheeesh. Guys, I just wrote this over at ClandestineRageRevealed’s comment section under his last post with Duncan O’Finioan’s (Jan). Who knows if it will ever get posted so I hope you don’t mind if I post it here too? THANK YOU!

    Farewell Khris,

    I just heard the news and now I know why you’ve been coming to mind. SO SAD…Waaaaaahhhgh…;-( In the last paragraph of an e-mail exchange a few months ago you told me how hard it was to continue this blog – that there seem to be people who have to make an issue over whatever you write. I replied that it seems to be all across the board more difficult for people to continue blogging now but you’ll be the last to know the wide impact you’ve made out there. Many people are reading and would never think to tell you; you’ve clarified something for them or have given them some comfort to know they’re not alone. You just have the rare ability to pull people together.

    May you dwell in the peace and love you richly deserve – far away from this house of horrors.
    You generously used your big heart and natural leadership ability to speak up for MK ultra victims at great risk to yourself; and especially in remembering its tiniest victims.

    Your straight-forward, compassionate way of discussing this brutal material helped us all understand; it took great courage and made you an even greater target but you didn’t retreat from this worthy cause…from exposing the cyber-disinfo bullying to all the other stuff on this historic blog. Hopefully this won’t be taken down – it’s a historical record that should be kept up for the public to read.

    Assignment well done, Captain.
    With love and prayers ~this song’s for you~(((HUGS)))

  23. pollyann says :

    I looked through my Sent folder and the last email I sent to Khris was on the 7th. He didn’t answer. This is what I wrote:

    Hi Khris,

    I hope you are okay. I know exactly how tough it is to be here. I’m sorry but you can’t leave yet, you are needed here. You will get what you want, it will come, but not as fast as all of us would like.

      • Salty says :

        Polly, you sensed it. I was concerned about him doing that too after that post of his in Feb. I guess all of us who cared about him sensed something.
        Remember last year when he said something alarming? You posted your concern on the forum and replied to him on his blog.
        I don’t remember all the details of that at the moment but you spoke up. Perhaps we had an extra few months with him because you spoke up. He valued your input very much Polly.

        • pollyann says :

          I will never forget that day because it was right after I had my second phone conversation with Franz and when I saw/felt what Khris had written I had a severe panic attack which rippled out to other people. (A disturbance went through the network because of me.) It was awful. It was part of the attack I was under and which escalated after that. Thanks for your words, Salty.

  24. Lizbeth says :

    …so SAD. A lot of Aries energy with that one – higher octave for the most part. Polly, he definitely had a lot of respect for your words and wisdom. I KNOW that and I think he got a kick out of dropping into the Intelligentia blog – It was like home for him.

    MANY PEOPLE ARE IN MOURNING over this ~ he was an extraordinary one.

    • Salty says :

      Hi Lizbeth, I’m sure there must be but I went to Randy’s site earlier today to see the comments there about this and there aren’t any there.
      Maybe most people don’t know yet. ?

  25. pollyann says :

    Randy is probably holding back comments out of respect. I’ll bet plenty of people know. I doubt Khris’ family would like to go online and find all sorts of speculation about him. At least one person is dancing on Khris’ grave, so to speak, and I will not mention who it is publicly.

    • pollyann says :

      I’ll bet Randy has been overwhelmed with comments. I sent him a brief email last night. As a precaution, for now, I would be careful what is said here. People will be doing searches to see what is being said online.

    • Salty says :

      I know who that is Polly, and good on you for not mentioning that name here.
      I don’t want that kind of spirit coming here.

  26. Lizbeth says :

    I concur. It’s good that he gets honored.

  27. Salty says :

    Hey Polly, I’m all ears tonight!
    Clyde Lewis is joined by author/intuitive Betsey Lewis to discuss the numerology and synchronicities of ‘Sistine Thirteen:

  28. Salty says :

    Hi Polly,
    Happy Birthday!


  29. Martijn says :

    Oh dear, Polly’s birthday today!

    Congratulations, Polly, and blessings on your day … and congratulations for completing another trip around the sun!

    Btw, I personally don’t like too much attention on my own birthday, but it is a proper thing to congratulate, I guess. 😉

    Wonderful glowing flowers again, Salty.

  30. Salty says :

    Hey Polly, I figured out how to stop a video from posting and just put a link to it instead. Just put ( ) at the beginning and end like this (
    Click the link Polly. Have an awesome day!

  31. pollyann says :

    How did you figure that out, Salty?? I’ve seen the parentheses used before but did not realize they had a function. What a huge crowd at the concert!! That was a really good rendition of this song and I hope John was listening. 🙂 Thank you!!

    • Salty says :

      I seen it somewhere a few days ago and it caught my attention but I didn’t clue in. Then this morning while doing my first post of the day it hit me that using ( ) must be how to put only a link to the vid instead of the vid, so I tried it out on the 2nd pan STARRS vid and it worked!

  32. Martijn says :

    Salty, where did you get that image of those flowers from?
    Am I correct that the photobucket website requires you to log in nowadays to be able to pick an image from there? I recall it was different last year when I used it.

    • Salty says :

      Right it used to be different, and I thing you do have to log in now.

      Go to Google Images then type in whatever you are looking for using many different search terms to find what you want. If you want something animated you may, or may not, have to type animated in search.

  33. Salty says :

    Today is “one of those days” for me. My head feels like it’s a balloon that’s being blown up, and I feel jittery inside like I drank pots & pots of coffee, etc, etc.

    Lots of activity solar happening now and I just looked and the GOES 8 Proton Flux hit the dotted line so there is a Proton Event happening.

  34. Martijn says :

    Salty, I will see if this works the way I want it, via google images.

    • Salty says :

      Martijn, would you like me to try to put the image you meant for Polly, there in your comment?
      If it doesn’t work I’ll put back the link.

  35. Martijn says :

    Salty, yes, I was trying to see if I could embed that whole picture that I got via google image, in the way you did with the glowing flowers above.
    That was what I was trying, but I didn’t succed. if you know how to do it correctly, you may do it.

    • Salty says :

      Ok, done. Martijn, just to let you know.
      As far as I know there is no way for a commenter to post something like that on a Word Press blog.
      This was a special occasion so I don’t mind at all doing that for you.

  36. pollyann says :

    Super cool!!

  37. Salty says :

    I just started listening. This sounds like it might be interesting.

    “Astral Hacking: Beyond Psychotronics” with Brad Johnson

    Sunday, May 22, 2011 at 10:06PM “Astral Hacking-Beyond Psychotronics”

    OffPlanet Radio Show Podcast-May 22, 2011-Randy Maugans with Brad Johnson from

  38. Martijn says :

    Haha, balloons, glowing flowers, congratulations…. and blessings for Polly.

    I’m glad it is not me this time, Salty, but that it can only be done by the moderator. Thanks mod.

  39. Salty says :

    I’m going to listen again but I like the above interview with Brad Johnson.
    Brad’s website.

  40. Salty says :

    Because Randy had said in a previous podcast that he had left Wolf Spirit Radio because of differences, and because D & M are friends with Dave Corso, I had been wondering if Randy had parted ways with D & M also.

    It doesn’t sound like Randy has parted ways with D & M because Randy said that there is a lot of overlap between some of the material he discussed with Brad and the Duncan interviews, and some of the things on Brad’s website.

  41. Salty says :

    Polly and anyone who reads this, Quickley download the C2C interview with Jonathan Cahn if you want to listen to it. They removed the one I posted before! YT Copyright they said.

  42. Salty says :

    Pardon me for a moment while yell.
    IE 10 SUCKS!!!!! BIG TIME!!!!!

  43. Martijn says :

    Google Chrome I find an excellent browser, Salty. Fast, handy, sharp imagery.

    I installed Chrome a while ago after I had severe troubles with IE. IE really annoyed me at some point, to the point that it just wasn’t fun anymore to surf on the internet. Surfing was like a bad trip with IE, I recall.
    Not too long ago I upgraded IE to 9 and checked it out a bit and found it pretty good, much better than the previous IE, which probably was IE 8.
    I don’t know of IE 10.

    Anyway, my advise would be to install and work with Google Chrome, Salty.

    • Salty says :

      Thanks Martijn,
      I’ve definitely had enough of IE 10!
      I may uninstall it and re install it to see if that helps, but I see other people are having trouble with it too. If that doesn’t make a difference, and I don’t think it will, then I’ll change it to something else ’cause there’s No Way I’m gonna put up with this BS.

      • Martijn says :

        You can have more browsers at the same time as well. I have IE, Chrome and Firefox on my computer, but actively mainly use the Google Chrome browser.
        I could open up these 3 different browsers at the same time as well.
        There is no harm in downloading another, a different browser, like e.g. Google Chrome.

  44. Lizbeth says :

    Hi Gang! ;-D

    I’m not sure where to put this so feel free to move it if you want, Salty. I started a thread over at HCF with a topic you might be interested in.

  45. Lizbeth says :

    Goodness gracious, that was the wrong link! THIS IS THE RIGHT ONE…lol.

  46. Salty says :

    I can do weave silk now and I can hear the music! 😎

    I can’t share my pics with you unless I download it and then post it.
    Does it work that way for you guys too? Or can you just post a link to your pic?

  47. pollyann says :

    Yay!! I haven’t been to that page in a while and I see they have majorly upgraded the software since. No, no posting direct links to one’s art at the website. I can see why they don’t allow it. It would overwhelm their website. One must download one’s artwork first. The art format is even cooler now than before!!

  48. Salty says :

    I’ve been thinking about the various things that seem a bit different this year than what has happened in the past, including your post Polly “What’s With All of the Public Apologizing??”

    It seem to me that tptb have changed their clothes without taking a shower first!

  49. Salty says :

    I just noticed that there have been quite a few 5 + EQ’s. The most recent EQ 6.0 in Taiwan, and a bunch of smaller ones in the Western US.

  50. Salty says :

    😯 $2.28 for one small head of lettuce!!! 😦

    • pollyann says :

      I will have to check but that price you paid seems “”cheap”” to me, Salty. I think lettuce is between 3 and 4 dollars a head right now in my area depending on the variety. Iceberg probably costs the least but I never buy that kind so I don’t have a clue. I think my living lettuce is 4 dollars a head but it’s been a while since I bought one. I will look when I go to the store next. I’ve noticed the amount of produce available is much reduced because of people not buying as much.

      • Salty says :

        Hubby bought head lettuce. I Love Living lettuce and Butter lettuce, but they are way, way out of our price range now. Last week we bought lettuce for $1.58 ea.
        The price of everything not just food has gone up so much we had to cut way back and lettuce wasn’t on our top priority list so it’s head lettuce (that’s the least expensive) for us or no lettuce, unless the price goes back down. I know head lettuce really isn’t very good for one to eat.

        • pollyann says :

          Iceberg is okay, it just doesn’t have as much nutrition as other varieties. I can remember when I was a child it was the only kind available. I’ve had to make all sorts of adjustments, too, concerning food buying. One good thing is that eating less is good for the body if what one does eat is nutritional.

          • pollyann says :

            Lettuce report: my Living Lettuce is $2.99 and a head of iceberg (small) was $1.99. There has been a notice up for a while that certain produce which comes from the western U.S. has been hit by bad weather and crops are smaller and of reduced size. Here is the shocker: a pound of jelly beans (multi-multi-flavors) is $7.99 on sale!! I don’t eat jelly beans but there was a display by the deli.

            • Salty says :

              Wow! that’s cheap compared to here.

              I know that they get produce from all over but my best guess is that what ever comes from the US (and a lot of it dose) comes from California & other western states.

              We’re in for an expensive summer grocery wise I think, and probably for other things too.

              Lol, 7.99 per lb!! I don’t eat them either and at that price I’m not going to be eating them.

  51. Martijn says :

    Tonight I feel very sad. I wish the pain, grief and distress I and others experience will be over soon, so that we can live in peace and happiness.

    • Salty says :

      I’m sorry to hear you’re sad tonight Martijn 😦 . I hope it’s all over with soon too.
      Things are changing though. Sometimes in one way or another it seem like things are getting a bit better, but mostly it seems that they are getting much worse.
      Hopefully the overall direction is for the better. I think it is, and I wish it would hurry up!! It would be sooo nice to live in peace!

      I am reminded of what Bill Wood/Brockbrader and others said and that is that the truth will be known. (those words might not be verbatim) So much truth has been coming out since they said that and I think we are going in the right direction. I guess it’s true that things have to hit bottom / get worse before they get better. Things will get better.

  52. Martijn says :

    Thanks Salty. At some point the bottom should be reached, after which there is only a way up. Well, you could move sideways on the bottom as well, presumably.
    Life in general wasn’t this turbulent and confusing in the 60’s 70’s, 80’s, or even in the 90’s, was it? GEEZ!!!
    You sound pretty cool and collected yourself, Salty. I think it is good to not get sucked in with all the turbulence and currents that are active nowadays, and thus intend to keep a certain distance from everything.

    Btw, it does seem that the food prices have increased lately. Bread for sure.
    I am not someone who does outrageous spendings anyway. I’ve always been pretty cautious with spending money, also because I am not very wealthy and just know you cannot spend more than you have, which not all people always seem to realise.

    $2.28 Canadian dollar is €1.75. The Canadian dollar and US dollar are pretty much equal in value, I think.
    Yes, that is pretty outrageous for a head of lettuce. I don’t know how much a regular head of lettuce is at the moment here, but I think it usually was about €1.00 maybe. I don’t know exactly.
    I will check it when I go to the supermarket in a minute.

    • Salty says :

      You’re right Martijn, it’s not good to get sucked into the turbulence and currents but I do get sucked in sometimes. What concerns me the most right now is the Earth changes, all these sinkholes, landslides, tectonic plate pressure building, those loud booms and other sounds, and strange lights/fireballs or whatever else they are called. I’m Not freaked, but I am very, very concerned.

  53. Martijn says :

    I went to the supermarket this evening and found out that it was closed earlier today because of Good Friday … so I haven’t been able yet to look how much a head of lettuce is here.

  54. pollyann says :

    I feel freaked everyday!! 🙂 I can now see how it will come to the point one day of having to have a chip to be able to get supplies. For years I couldn’t see how that could possibly happen but now that the earth changes/weather changes are in full gear (no, I do not believe the ptb are in control of or causing these changes; the changes are occurring in spite of them even though they are trying to stop them) and food production is being effected worldwide by heat, droughts, floods and cold, the future does not look good to me. Sorry!!

    • pollyann says :

      But hey, one can create their own illusion within this illusion of physical reality and convince oneself everything is wonderful and the future is bright and full of promise!! LOL!!

    • Salty says :

      Recently (this month) a lady on Coast in the news part, I think it was Katherine Albrecht but I’m not sure, said they are not going to do that now.

      I wish I could find that interview so I could listen closely to the explanation she gives as to why they are not. At the time I thought that was a strange thing to say but hubby was talking to me so I didn’t hear what else she said.

      That’s the only time I’ve heard anyone say that. I still think they probably are going to do the chip thing but I sure would like to hear her reason!

      If I ever get the time I’m going to try to find it. Perhaps I will need to update my thinking on this.

  55. Salty says :


    Yesterday was a beautiful day Until well after sunset but before it was totally dark I looked out and there was an ugly fat chemtrail going from one side to the other across the sky marring the last of a beautiful orange sunset.

    It’s another beautiful 20 + day today with no clouds. Just now I looked out and there is a chemtrail in the same spot and just as big as the one last night.

    What usually happens next is the sky will cloud over, it will rain and who knows how long it will be until we see blue skies again!!

    We have seen suds (bubbles) here on the road many, many times after it rains and I always wondered what’s up with that. It’s because of chemtrail crap!!

    Last night or the night before, someone on Coast was telling John B about that.

    Like I said Polly, this year I’m going to keep an eye out for those glittery shiny specks on me. I think the guy on Coast said it was barium in the chemtrails that was shiny but I’d have to listen again to be certain.

  56. pollyann says :

    Someone at S/0’s channel this morning in BC was exclaiming about the blue skies, warm weather and lack of chemtrails recently. I didn’t listen to John B. last night.

  57. Salty says :

    We really have had nice weather for a while now. First came the Pineapple Express when everyone in the East was going through a bad storms and cold. The PE last longer than they expected then the weather really warmed up.

    Blue skies without many clouds have been rare around here where we live for a couple of years or so now.

    I love seeing the clear blue sky. However, in the summer when it’s really hot here I must admit the clouds do keep it cooler. As I said somewhere else I think we are in for a scorcher this year and food prices are going to soar. They already are because of last year’s heat, droughts and other bad weather.

    I have more gloomy thoughts about the future but I’ll not go on about that. All one needs to do is look at what is really happening around the world, not just with the just weather but everything, to see we cannot go on like this much longer.

    Hubby just came home and he says that there are a multitude of chemtrails today.

  58. Salty says :

    For quite a long while now I have been noticing that in interviews, and on MSM, TV and radio that there are A Lot of people talking slow and or slurring their words. The cause could be that these people are taking medication, or they are half drunk, or they have some sort of talking problem, but maybe it could be from chemtrail crap! And or whatever else they might be putting in our water and or air.

    Also it seem to me that there an awful lot of people getting shingles nowadays.

    • pollyann says :

      That’s extremely interesting about the voice issues, Salty!! It’s not something I have particularly noticed but I will keep it in mind.

  59. pollyann says :

    Salty, you might be interested in this blog:

  60. Martijn says :

    LOL Well, at least I’m happy to say that the past two days were sunny without much clouds and hardly any chemtrails! It wa a calm, sunny day today, which brought a little relief to me.
    I’m also very glad that the clock was set one hour forward last weekend, thus making it longer light in the evening.
    Also the temperatures are going up slowly, although it is still freezing a little at night.

    • Salty says :

      Martijn, I’m glad to hear your having better weather.

      The expected high for today is 19 C. As I said above, and as usually happens after chemtrailing, the clouds are back today and rain is forecast for later today.

      Oh well, it was nice to see the Sun and clear blue skies while they were here. The temperature will drop some to an expected high of between 17 C, and by Saturday 13 C.

      I hope it’s not going to be overcast for too long.

  61. Salty says :

    I feel a Rant coming on!

    But I’m not going to do that right now.

    Coast to Coast is being shut down on You Tube.

    From comments under the YT video.

    MRC2CAMDarkKnight 6 hours ago

    copyright, why they complain when we actually promoting them ill never know, without people to listen to their RADIO!!!! show they wouldn’t exist and giving them exposure and their guests exposure but i guess that’s how it is so if you want to always get the show just bookmark the website link in the description that way you’ll always get it doesn’t matter if the you tube channels closed down, I’m busy working on a nice forum & will need forum mods in the future if anyone’s interested PM me.

    I can think of a Few reasons they would do this!!!

    I said I won’t Rant now so I won’t, but I’m Pissed!

    Like they don’t already make enough money??!!!!

    OK, no Rant now.

    Click the link and read what it says on the video.
    I’m probably going to do a post about this later, I’m still thinking about it.

  62. Martijn says :

    Hi Salty, Hi Polly, Thanks!!
    Great sparkling balloons Salty!

    Yea, well I am not really a birthday fanatic, so to speak, I don’t really like birthdays, in other words, but you cannot skip it, so, well it was a pretty calm day that I concluded with dinner in a restauarant.

    Btw, great mixture of English and German in that video Salty! lol

  63. Salty says :

    Something odd happened on Saturday.

    I was sitting in the living room talking to hubby. The patio door was open. It was windy out.

    As we were talking a gust of wind blew in. I felt some of it swirl and gather behind me, and then it hit/smacked me in the back of my neck.

    What is strange is that when it hit me it felt more solid than wind feels. I made a sound and hubby said what’s wrong? I told him what happened and said that it felt like it had awareness, gathered itself together and purposely hit me in the back of my neck.

    Anyway, perhaps it was just the wind but I have never had anything like that happen before.

  64. pollyann says :

    I had a similar experience once but the wind was not involved. I was indoors sitting at a table in a restaurant. I mentioned the Illuminati to my mom and I was punched in the back by some unseen force. I had quite the coughing spell after that.

  65. Salty says :

    Hubby and I were talking about ghosts, the afterlife, and tptb when I got smacked.

    If the swirling and gathering with purpose then smacking me in the back of the neck were a message, or a warning, or whatever else, I don’t know what it means.

    I guess I’ll never know for sure but I think somebody or something did it on purpose even though my logic tells me that it was just the wind.

  66. Salty says :

    It’s another gloomy, gray, overcast, windy day here, and raining. It’s only 10 C which is below the 16 C normal for this period.
    The neighbour across the street has a lawn full of dandelions. They are hard weeds to get rid of but at least they add some nice cheery color to this gray day. 🙂

    • Martijn says :

      I still have to see the first dandelions here, I think.
      In the domesticated gardens they are usually looked up on as ‘weed’, but I think they deserve a better category.
      They also tend to grow between the paving stones and such. I tend to pull them out of there, I’m thinking, to keep the tiles clean.

  67. Salty says :

    I just felt a very small tremor about 3-4 minutes ago. Nothing shows on EQ maps yet it’s too soon I think.

    • Salty says :

      Still no EQ showing

      I definitely felt a tremor or something shaking/vibrating,

      If it wasn’t an EQ then I don’t know what it was.

      Hubby wasn’t home when I felt it but he has said several times in the past month or so that he has felt vibrating. I didn’t feel those ones.

  68. Salty says :

    I just want to share some good news with you guys.

    On April 1st the Provincial Government (Liberal) removed the HST Tax which they snuck in not long after Gordon Campbell lied before being elected and said he would not. There eventually was a referendum and the people wanted it removed and Gordon Campbell resigned as Premier of B.C.

    Just a couple of examples of price decreases are that now a cup of coffee at Denny’s has gone down by 19 cents and our TV/Internet bill by $2.44.

  69. Salty says :

    I searched and searched for something cheerful to post and I can’t find even one thing worthwhile posting. All I find is one horror after another!

    I can’t take anymore. No more looking at news for me tonight.
    The straw that did it was the story about what happened to a 5 year old girl in India. I didn’t read it. I only read the headlines.

    I think Putnam, Horn, and so many others are right when they say what is happening is demonic, and Putnam was probably right about the ‘aliens’ not really being aliens, instead they are demons.

    • Martijn says :

      Or perhaps the definition of ‘alien’ should be adjusted somewhat.
      The let’s say ‘demonic force’ can most probably present itself in several different forms or, possibly, it could even give the mere impression it takes on several different forms and hides behind that…
      In some way it is perhaps not so important which forms this force takes on or is able to take on, or maybe even the forms of mere illusion it hides behind, although I absolutely would like this demons/aliens question to be more cleared.

      When you think of an ‘alien’ in the original context, you would imagine a physical being just like us, often accompanied with the idea they are coming from or originate in a different part of the (physical) universe.
      Are there (also) physical aliens just like us? I don’t know.

      This subject has always confused me, and I still cannot say what is really going on regarding this subject.

      I hear you, Salty. The news is often filled with horror and bad news.
      The nasty thing is that there is not a real sense of solution or resolution in all of it, in my perception. It’s like a continuing streak.

      • Salty says :

        Martijn, Here’s a thought.

        You probably have heard of Steven Bassett and the UFO Disclosure, and the US govt’s response which says

        “Official White House Response to formally acknowledge an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race – Disclosure. and 1 other petition

        Searching for ET, But No Evidence Yet

        By Phil Larson

        Thank you for signing the petition asking the Obama Administration to acknowledge an extraterrestrial presence here on Earth.

        The U.S. government has no evidence that any life exists outside our planet, or that an extraterrestrial presence has contacted or engaged any member of the human race. In addition, there is no credible information to suggest that any evidence is being hidden from the public’s eye.”

        What if they are telling the absolute truth? What if reason they are telling the truth is because they know that they are really Demons?

        I’m not saying that I 100% believe that but I am leaning in that direction.

        Then there are the other things like UFO crashes and the beings found in them.

        What if those supposed UFO crashes like Roswell are really secret Govt crafts, and the supposed beings that were in them were Govt experiments done by the Shadow Govt?
        I think that’s probably what they were.

        * What I had in mind while writing this comment is how Govts, & Cops etc can, when they want to, be a stickler for the legal definition of words.

        For example if a cop asks you “Do you understand?” we think they are asking if we know what (understand) they are talking about.

        However that’s not what they are asking at all. They are asking “Do you stand under the law?”.

        A clearer explanation of this can be found on internet, ‘Freeman On The Land’ talk about this sort of thing a lot, as does Jordan Maxwell and many others.


        Polly, Thanks for the link, it looks interesting!
        I’ll check it out later.

  70. pollyann says :

    I’m sorry to butt in for a second but this blog is interesting concerning what the author terms “spirit ships.” Khris was aware of a light ship he was affiliated with and it even appeared in a photo he took which wasn’t apparent until after he looked at the image he captured. I started following this blog last night.

  71. pollyann says :

    Listen!! I used to listen to Glenn when he was on AM radio back in 2002. It doesn’t matter for this instance what anyone’s opinion of him is now but listen to this short video!!

    • Salty says :

      Polly, I listened. Wow!

      I’ve never listened to Glen Beck but I sure have heard people mention him and they don’t seem to like him very much at all.

      I’m not !00% sure what he is saying at the end.
      Is he saying “They have until Monday and then the blaze will expose him? blaze??

      I wonder what that means. Are they going to set him on fire? Burn something down to expose who this guy is? Bomb something?

      Again we have to wait until…..

      Anyway, this is Saturday so day after tomorrow we find out.

      Just some thoughts.
      Are we going to find out that this “very bad, bad, bad, man is Obama’s son?

      3 bads = responsible for 3 Major Big bad things that have happened in the US, and, or, elsewhere in the world?

      Are we going to find out that this guy is the one in charge of the bombings and the 2 bros were working for him?

      The Saudi not being the Top Dog of course but working for someone like the….. US Govt? Or some other Govt?….. that also was behind 9/11?

      Will we find out that the US govt is agreeing to allow other Govts to do these things?

      Or, on Monday Beck will say that the Govt responded appropriately or something to that effect and everything is okay now, and never hear anything more about it again?

      If this is the real deal would they let Beck live to see Monday? Would he be disappeared?

      That’s off the top of my head and rhetorical.

      Have you heard what other people on the internet are saying about this?

      What say you about this video?

  72. pollyann says :

    The Blaze is Glenn’s TV show. He has been threatened before because of certain topics he covered and tended to stay mainstream after that. A lot of people held that against him. I have no judgment of him at this time. It is counter-productive. I want to see what happens on Monday. He is extremely well-known. My dad even likes him. Lol!! I have not paid Glenn much attention in years.

  73. Salty says :

    That’s really interesting about the swastika has broken legs and = Horus = 12 Hours (Horus’) in a day. I think I got that right. I never heard that before. I don’t remember all of it. Something about the swastika = Horus walking across the sky.

  74. Salty says :


    I call them Demons!

    • Salty says :

      Above I’m talking about what JM just called aliens or whatever else.

      • pollyann says :

        I would say real aliens have physical bodies. They can be controlled by evil or not. Real demons are not physical but can possess a physical being.

        • Salty says :

          Polly said >>> demons are not physical but can possess a physical being.

          I agree. Also I think Demons can appear in physical form but only for short periods of time..

  75. Martijn says :

    Parasites, I call them. 😉

    I think it is possible that which nowadays in many cases is perceived or designated as ‘aliens’ are actually the ‘demons’ of old.
    And I think it is also possible that the ‘demons’ of old, or may be a part of those, have actually always been the creatures some nowadays believe or say to be ‘aliens’. Like reptilians and greys.
    I tend to think that those creatures reside in the astral world.

    • Salty says :

      Hi Martijn,

      Believe it or not I’m still not fully on the Reptilians bandwagon. Although when looking at someone I can see and/or sense that they would fit that description as I know it. LOL! Go figure!!
      For only one example there is a lady news anchor on CTV that strikes me as a reptilian hybrid.

      • Martijn says :

        Salty, I didn’t mean the (alleged) reptilian hybrids or shapeshifters here.
        I cannot say if that is true or not either.

        What I was trying to convey is that the so-called demon species could partly be comprised of what are called reptilian and grey ‘aliens’.

        I personally tend to think at the moment that ‘aliens’ are an astral ‘thing’, just as the so-called demons are.
        I cannot say whether ‘aliens’ and ‘demons’ are the same archetypal thing or not.

        • Salty says :

          Hi Martijn, No prob, I understood your meaning.

          I’m a bit distracted right now so I may, or not, have more to say later,

          I just posted the Sirius Documentary so I’m watching that.

        • Salty says :

          Hi Martijn,

          Martijn says >>> I cannot say whether ‘aliens’ and ‘demons’ are the same archetypal thing or not.
          I don’t really know the skinny on that either.

          Personally I leave the door open a crack as to whether or not there are aliens as they are normally thought of.

          I do believe there are Demons and I believe there is Nothing good or benevolent about Demons.
          So if there are aliens and some of them are benevolent then in my book they are not the same thing as Demons.


          I hope that by now you are having some nice spring weather there. Its been nice here, and yesterday it was 20+ C and the same is forecast for today but unless the clouds blow away I don’t think its going to be as warm as yesterday..

          It’s so nice to see green grass, new leaves on the trees, and the lilacs blooming. I’m allergic but they are beautiful to see!

  76. Salty says :

    This is a Stan Deyo interview. He talks about several things. Only some of those things are, what he thinks is going to happen over the next couple of years, reptilians, demons, aliens, Pope Francis, Jesuits, the LUCIFER telescope, the Garden of Eden, Satan, etc etc……. I haven’t finished listening to it yet.–inside-secrets

  77. Salty says :

    I’m listening to an interview with Jerry Wills. He turns the tables on shadowy beings / energy vampires / archons!
    When one of these things try to syphon off his energy he tell them to ‘go or I’ll eat you’! If they don’t go then he eats them (takes their energy). He goes on to describe how he does that. He says he doesn’t have a problem with them anymore.

    They also talk about the paranormal frequency which is between 17 & 19 Hertz. I didn’t know that.
    I haven’t finished listening yet.

    Expedition to a Lost City in the Amazon Jungle</strong

  78. Salty says :

    Happy Birthday Lizbeth!

  79. Lizbeth says :

    yep you guys…How’d you know I was 102? Let’s see…52 x 2 = … (close enough!) lol hehehehe.

    Do you think Jerry Wills would like a piece of cake too, or is he too stuffed with discarnates and demons?

    How ’bout Martijn?! CAKE?

    I love you guys and promise to hang with my ‘ole homies much more in my 102nd year on “prison planet of perpetual trouble!” :-D) xoxo

    It’s always been fun doing time with you – playing hoops out on in the yard! LOL

    THANK YOU!!!

  80. Martijn says :

    Yummie cake! 😉 Happy Birthday Lizbeth.

    Jerry Wills might have no space for a piece of cake (lol), since he constantly seems to eat those shadowy beings!
    He says that it is a piece of cake to get rid of them. ‘Go or I’ll eat you!’ will do the work, and if they don’t go then you just eat them!

  81. Salty says :

    Evelyn Paglini is on Coast tonight. If that is who I think it is she has a scary voice!

    This is what her thoughts on 2012 were.

    ………. When asked by George Noory about her thoughts on 2012, she replied, “I think it’s part of a mini-cleansing of earth, but I also feel that we are crossing the threshold of enlightenment, our consciousness is being raised. I feel that there are going to be people out there that are going to see and feel their intuition heightened. That they’re going to have precognition and premonition, all the time. And that is why, with this alignment that is coming in 2012, our consciousness is going to reach the cosmos.”.

    Scroll down for a list of some of her predictions.–evelyn

    • pollyann says :

      I was up waiting for her to be on. I always get such a kick out of Evelyn when she’s on Coast. She is very dramatic. LOL!! Yes, her voice can sound scary. She uses the word desire a lot which makes me wonder if she is a passionate Scorpio. If so, she has learned to master the energy and be an eagle. Scorpio always = desires. Mastering the Scorpio energy is extremely difficult. I thought she gave some good tools for people to use.

      • pollyann says :

        Oh!! I forgot to mention to notice how her voice changes and she becomes very, very serious in her reply to a caller asking if anything can be done about chemtrails.

  82. Salty says :

    I heard Jordan was going to do this, I just found it and It looks like it’s been up and running for a while now.
    The Jordan Maxwell Show
    JM’s YT Channel

  83. Salty says :

    Yesterday was the first time this year that we had to turn on the air conditioner. The forecast for today is 29 – 30 C and for the next few days 30 + C.
    It’s not unheard of to have these temps here this time of year but it seems to me it’s a bit early. I don’t think these high temps will last more than a few days though. June is our rainy month and it can be quite cool and nasty.


    • pollyann says :

      Wow!! I’m still turning the heat on at night here. Lol!! I’ll feel very chilled and turn one or more of the thermostats up. It might have been just under 40 degrees early this morning. I have a window open now, it’s sunny and in the low 60’s, but the air is very dry and feels cool in the shade.

      • Salty says :

        We left the AC on all night but it turned off at some point last night, then when I got up it was on again even though it was only about 12 C outside. Our apartment seems to hold the heat in the warm weather but Not in the cold weather! 😕

        Our fish Love this weather!

  84. Salty says :

    Hey Martijn, Have you ever heard of Biogeometry before?

    I have but I never looked into it. Last Saturday night there were a couple of guys on Coast talking about it. It’s Extremely Interesting and they have explanations as to what is going on in this nuts world and some solutions.

    They start off talking about architecture but there is the spiritual.
    If you are interested here is a link to that show. But if you are not interested don’t bother, no worries, and no problem! I’m just interested in what you think of what these guys say.

    Their part begins at about 42 min.

    Btw. I hope they fix this soon but we’re having power problems here so I might go offline again.

  85. Martijn says :

    Hi Salty,
    Biogeometry sounds quite similar to me as the eastern practice of Feng Shui. A more western variation on Feng Shui perhaps.

    Btw, we had a summery day here too today, about 25C! That kind of temperatures won’t last for long here either!

    • Salty says :

      Hi Martijn, They explain why Feng Shui and other things from way back Do Not work nowadays.

      Imo it is worth listening to the whole interview.

      Those guys cover some amazing eyeopening things. But like I said if you are not interested no worries, and no problem!

      Glad to hear you are getting some warm weather. 🙂

      I’m being brief ’cause the power might go out again.

  86. Martijn says :

    I listened to a part of the interview on biogeometry, and my (first) impression is that these energetic portals to the ‘divine’ that are talked about might actually be gateways to the realm of archonic/demonic forces!

    What these biogeometrists call ‘divine’ could in actual fact very well be demonic realms!
    Isn’t that why ancient temples, cathedrals and such are built in a certain way and in certain specific places, in order to contact those demonic realms more easily?
    If it is the astral realm that is contacted through those portals then you connect to a jungle, in my estimation.
    Also, this particular science, that was known by ancient cultures, hasn’t really led to much good in the past, I think.

    I think it is a little bit doubtful if this specific biogeometry science could lead to real beneficial things, partly because the surrounding realm is likely a realm of predators and parasites.
    That is also part of so-called magical ritual procedures; certain shapes do certain things, as it seems. Sigils and shapes like pentagrams and hexagrams.

    If those ancient temples are suggested to be beneficial buildings by those biogeometrists, then I doubt if this is really a beneficial science as is suggested.
    Well, I don’t know, maybe realising that those geometric shapes and locations are used to open up portals could help us actually closing down all these energetic portals to hyperdimensional realms, I would say.

    Feng Shui doesn’t work – and I think I haven’t heard, or I missed the explanation why this biogeometry does work, in contrast with the Feng Shui practice.

    • Salty says :

      Martijn, Thank you for taking the time to write all that! 🙂

      I have a huge fierce burning headache right now. It’s too much to write about it right now but it’s related to the power probs.

      And all the muscles in my body feel like they are on fire!

      Anyway my head is not too clear right now so I’ll reply to you tomorrow.

      • pollyann says :

        Salty, is anyone else in your apt. building effected with a partial loss of electricity?? Also, it sounds like you were hit with an attack. It’s too coincidental for me. Don’t answer now.

        • Salty says :

          Polly, I rested for a while and I just got up. My headache is gone but I feel the burn threatening to come back and the headache is in hiding waiting to jump on me again. No pain right now though.

          We have had partial power loss several times over the years. It has something to do with parts of this apartment hooked up to one place and other parts hooked up somewhere else.
          I don’t know if our apartment is the only one like this or not. The hallway lights were out so our apartment was not the only place in this building affected.

          I really got walloped!!!

          I was talking to hubby and I was hit so hard that I was disoriented for a moment, I stopped in mid-sentence and said / yelled “What’s going on?!! Why is it so quite?!!!

          It all happened really fast and as the last word was coming out of my mouth I realized that it was because the power went off completely.

          Isn’t that backwards though??!! If something like that is going to happen shouldn’t it happen when the power comes back on??!!

          Btw, hubby didn’t feel anything.

    • Salty says :

      EXCELLENT points Martijn! A#135

      I still feel the burn threatening to come back and the headache is still in hiding waiting to jump on me again so I’ll go straight to my bottom line.

      The points you make are very valid ones, and one should keep them in mind for sure, but I see that what these guys are talking about is not all bath water, and there IS some baby in there.

      So, I’m going to proceed with caution looking into this biogeometry stuff, try some out one of their symbols, for example what they call their L symbol and put that shape on electrical things and see if it helps.

      I copied that image and will print several of them and tape them to the pc, and other things, then see if it makes a difference. If I can find one of their pendants here in town at an affordable price I will buy one.

      I suppose it doesn’t matter what one makes the symbols out of as long as it is not a conductor and the proportions are correct. I haven’t had time to look into biogeometry deeply so I have to look into that more to be sure though.

      Martijn says >>> “Well, I don’t know, maybe realising that those geometric shapes and locations are used to open up portals could help us actually closing down all these energetic portals to hyperdimensional realms, I would say.”
      Feng Shui doesn’t work – and I think I haven’t heard, or I missed the explanation why this biogeometry does work, in contrast with the Feng Shui practice.”

      At this point in my understanding of biogeometry I’m not so sure we should close these portals. I really have to listen to the interview again before I say much more about these 2 things but greater understanding of how the portals work, and how to use them positively, and / or, use, or change the energy to beneficial may be the key.
      As to the Feng Shui I have to listen to the interview again but I think when taking the whole of what they said, then in the body of what was said the explanation is there.

      I will keep your comment in mind Martijn, and at some point I will listen to the interview again and if I have more to say I’ll put it here.

      Polly, thanks for clueing me in about conductors. A#135

  87. pollyann says :

    No, not backwards if you were hit with a microwave or some other type of beam. Burning headache, muscles on fire, partial electrical outage. Just sayin’.

    • pollyann says :

      Just a note: A very short while ago someone tried to knock out Clyde Lewis’ radio signal. He has been talking about a certain Obama speech.

  88. Martijn says :

    Take care, Salty. That sounds like a nasty occurrence you describe.
    When asked after ‘dark forces’ one of the biogeometrists mentioned ‘electricity’, I’m thinking.

    Some protection against electro-magnetic frequencies is always welcome, I think.
    This science certainly makes a certain sense to me, also because certain buildings, places, and shapes, have a better feel than certain other shapes, buildings and places. That is something that many will recognise and experience.
    Feng Shui did make sense to me as well, btw, so I’m a little hesitating with regard to such seemingly amazing theories about (supposed) healing and beneficial abilities.
    Another question I have is if this science could benefit certain things, then how vigorous would this science in practice be. How effective can it really be here in this world that – I perceive – is dominated by the ‘dark force’.
    The biogeometrists speak of a ‘divine’ realm containing templates or archetypes that can be accessed by opening up or creating energetic portals.

    I recently bought a smartphone for the first time. That is probably also a device that could emit nasty, unhealthy frequencies, as was also mentioned by the biogeometrists.
    I certainly don’t carry my cell phone everywhere I go. It’s mostly on the table, or in a bag. Not in a pocket of my clothing.

    Well, we are surrounded by EMF nowadays. Wifi is everywhere for example. Wireless is the norm nowadays with more and more things.

    • Salty says :

      Hi Martijn, I will listen to the interview again when I have time and feel better.

      But for now, re >>> “Well, we are surrounded by EMF nowadays. Wifi is everywhere for example. Wireless is the norm nowadays with more and more things.”

      There is a new commercial on TV advertizing a new hearing aid and they said it works like WIFI. YIKES!! Things are bad enough already! Imagine having that plugged into your head!!!


      Btw. Polly and Martijn, did you guys notice anything different in my first reply today??

      Did you notice this guy A#135 up there??

      He’s the one we used at Intelligentia. When I first joined the forums I didn’t like this goofy looking smiley at all. There is such a stupid look on his face I didn’t want to use it but that is what was there so I did. But I didn’t like it! I didn’t want anyone associating that goofy face with me! LOL!!

      Anyway, it didn’t take long until he grew on me and I decided he was really just the cutest thing and that I liked him a lot.

      I miss this cute goofy looking smiley face and even though it’s extra bother I’m going to use him once in a while.

      • pollyann says :

        I love that little smiley face!! I’m glad you changed your mind about him. LOL!! I find his smile to be disarming and charming.

  89. pollyann says :

    We are in the dark of the moon so this when many people feel the most down about things in general. Just a note!!

    • Salty says :

      Do screwball things happen during the dark of the moon?

      Just wondering ’cause I been seeing those dark shadowy things out of the corner of my eye every once in a while, yesterday and today.

      I have noticed that I usually see them when there is a lot solar activity, especially during proton events but as far as I can see that’s not happening now.

      Right now I’m listening to last nights Coast interview with Rosemary Ellen Guiley. It’s interesting but probably not the best thing to listen to right now. lol!

  90. pollyann says :

    Yes, the veil can become thinner during the dark of the moon plus you had that electrical event. Salty, I have something very simple you may want to try for protection. It doesn’t cost anything. I will email you later today or tonight. Rosemary is very good but you are right, best to listen to her during daylight hours. Lol!! I did hear some of that show.

  91. Martijn says :

    I like the 🙂 too! I never had a bad vibe from 🙂 either.. Well, maybe the smile is a little bit too thick and a bit out of proportion..


    🙂 🙂 testing 😦 😉 🙂


  92. Martijn says :

    Hey, I actually tried to put that goofy smiley there, but apparently not one effort succeeded, I see now … 😕

    Where did you get that goofy one from, Salty? :\

    • Salty says :

      It’s in Google images. It’s not your fault it didn’t work. As far as I know there is no way for a commenter to put anything but Word Press smileys on a Word Press blog but if I ever find a way I’ll let you guys know.

  93. Martijn says :

    Oh I see, Salty.
    The wordpress smilies are perhaps a little better looking and more decently proportioned than that goofy one, don’t you think too?

    Happy Ascension Day! 😉

    • Salty says :

      WP smileys are OK but not as cute as ‘Goofy’ A#135

      This oops 😳 one is kinda cute and so is cry 😥 this shock 😯 one is not bad but I don’d care for the eek :eek:one or the mad 😡 one.

      I don’t know what this green guy :mrgreen: is used for and maybe this idea 💡 one will come in handy sometime. Cool 😎 is good and some of the others are ok too.

      • Salty says :

        I forgot to say above.
        I didn’t know there was such a thing as Ascension Day until you mentioned it. I just had a quick look in Google search and it looks like it’s a Roman Catholic holiday? It’s on May 9 so I guess it must be May 9 there but it’s still May 8 here.

  94. Martijn says :

    I see now that Ascension Day isn’t known or celebrated in the States and Canada!
    It’s a national holiday here. It’s a Christian holiday, not really a specific Catholic holiday.
    It’s the day when Jesus (supposedly) flew up to heaven. It’s part of the cycle of Easter. In ten days there is the Whitsuntide, also a part of this cycle.

    I agree, some smilies are quite cute, and I also have no idea where that strange ‘mr. Green’ smiley comes from. I suppose it represents enjoyment and perhaps a bit of hilarity.

    • Salty says :

      Thanks for the info Martijn,

      Our next big holiday is May 24 but I think Queen Elizabeth’s birthday is in April and officially celibrated in June.

      School kids used to sing an old song ” The 24th of May is the Queens Birthday if we don’t get a holiday we’ll all run away.”

  95. Salty says :

    Something interesting!!

    In READING # 2072 – 10 Edgar Cayce talks about tptb

    “…… And that which comes or begins first is conceived in spirit, grows in the mental, manifests in the material; as was this central force in the Atlantean experience. First it was the means and source or manner by which the powers that be made the centralization for making known to the children of men, and children of God, the directing forces or powers. Man eventually turned this into that channel for destructive forces, – and it is growing towards this in the present.”

    This whole page is interesting! I might do a post about it later. The whole site looks like a good one.

    • Salty says :

      READING: 3618-1
      For, as indicated, or given by Steinmetz’ boss, materially, whatever electricity is to man, that’s what the power of God is. Man may in the material world use God-force, God-power or electricity, to do man’s work or to destroy man himself. Ye did it before – will ye do it again? The entity was among the sons of the Law of One using those energies in the periods in Atlantis that destroyed Atlantis, that destroyed mankind.

      • Salty says :

        READING: 5118-1
        They used ‘suggestions’ while people were drugged for
        “the removal of those things that would cause one to become different-minded because of the relationships to the activities in a pre-existence or pre-period of materiality.”

        • Martijn says :

          This sounds like a gnostic-like explanation to me.

          I would equal this ‘different-minded’ as having ‘gnosis’, the inner nous that Gnosticism talks about.
          The ‘gnosis’ that has been destroyed, suppressed and eliminated out of the surface of the human conscious, leaving behind only a stupified race of fully programmed, mentally drunk and mentally castrated slaves that believe this illusory material world, the ‘celestial error’, to be real.

          • Salty says :

            I hear you Martijn, I don’t like not knowing either.

            I don’t know how familiar you are with the Edgar Cayce material so in case you don’t know the Law of One are the good guys (Light) and the Sons of Belial are the bad guys (Dark).

            What if it is the motivating factor that matters?

            What if in this case the removal of things that would cause one to be ‘different minded’ was to help us get back to our original state of being?

            In Reading 5118-1 the removal of things that would cause one to be ‘different minded’ was done by someone that “set about to use the tenets and truths that had been a part of the experience in Atlantis, of the children of the Law of One.”

      • pollyann says :

        This is why Karim and the other guy (sorry) of BioGeometry said humanity is about to destroy itself again because of the incorrect use of electricity.

    • pollyann says :

      You are not going to believe this!! I had been reading the Cayce readings about Atlantis on and off at the link you provided. I was thinking about the sons of Belial and countless related thoughts. At one point I happened to go into the bedroom where the TV is on and decided to watch some of the show playing which is Pawn Stars. A new segment came on and some guy brought in weird looking jewelry he had made out of gold. The owner of the shop was holding and examining a head impression made out of gold and painted. At that moment I was thinking of the Sons of Belial again (before I even knew the piece was a demon’s head impression) and was just about to pronounce the name silently in my mind because I wasn’t sure of the pronunciation when the artist told the owner that he was holding a demon’s head called Belial. GASP!! What are the chances of THAT happening?? It sounds like the matrix to me!! I’ve watched a zillion episodes of Pawn Stars and there’s never been anyone in the store wanting to sell their demon jewelry!!

  96. Martijn says :

    I don’t really know the exact context of those statements from Edgar Cayce.
    I know about the ‘children of the law of one’ and the ‘sons of belial’ in the Atlantis story.
    I’m not sure what Atlantis exactly was though, or in what perspective this mythological place and story should be put. Was Atlantis maybe a place in another, a different dimension? I’m not sure how I must look at ‘Atlantis’.

    I think it is very likely that this material world has been cre-ated by ‘Belial’ and is maintained by his ‘sons’. If this makes enough sense.
    I think the true original state is really outside of this material world, outside of the illusion, outside of this false dimension.
    I think it is very likely that we are awake in someone else’s nightmare, and are prisoners, held captive against our will.
    This world is not about me.

    • Salty says :

      Martijn, says >>> I don’t really know the exact context of those statements from Edgar Cayce.

      This is from what I remember from reading Edgar Cayce decades ago and these are my words not exactly as he said it. This should help some with context.

        Very briefly and in a nutshell.

      We, by our own choice while we were still solely in Spirit form chose to mess with things in a lower vibrational, more solid dimension than we were meant to dwell in. Over time this dimension became more solid and by our own desires to experience the material realm we became trapped in this lower vibrational realm and forgot our original state of being. More time passed and those still in the higher vibrational realm seen what had happened and decided to help us get back to our original state of being. This is way before Atlantis.

      >>> I’m not sure what Atlantis exactly was though, or in what perspective this mythological place and story should be put. Was Atlantis maybe a place in another, a different dimension? I’m not sure how I must look at ‘Atlantis’.

      It supposedly was here and not a myth.
      I think there is Much truth that can be found in the E C material. To me the more important thing is what we can learn from this no matter if Atlantis be true or myth.

      >>> I think it is very likely that this material world has been cre-ated by ‘Belial’ and is maintained by his ‘sons’. If this makes enough sense.

      At this point I do not think Belial created this material world. I do think ‘Belial’s’ followers have the upper hand in ruling it.
      To be very brief, the point for me is to discover the ways they maintain that rule and how to get out from under it. I think this can be accomplished.
      My understanding so far is that getting out from under their rule may not be apparent right now while we are here in this world. It’s more of a spiritual freeing, which we will feel / experience, but living in this world will probably still be like swimming upstream in a raging river. Gaining true knowledge and applying it correctly will I think move us along towards Home regardless of the raging river.

      >>> This world is not about me.

      Martijn, I don’t know what you mean by that. Please explain.

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