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Oldest Living Things on Earth – 2000 Years Old & Older (video)

Go to her website for many more pictures and information. Link below video.

Stan Deyo Inteview April 1 2014 Many Things Coming Together Now, Blood Moons, Israel & more

Scroll down for video.
On his website it says that this was one of his most important messages. The link to his site is below the video.
Stan says many thing are coming together and he says “Get your house in order”.
He talks about The 4 Blood Moons, the first one is April 15 2014, Israel’s Peace Treaty deadline April 29/14, the Chile earthquake, and more.

FF to about 38 minutes to listen to Stan’s part.

Stan’s website

How to Steal an Airplane: From 9/11 to MH370

From under theYT video
Now that the MSM is flirting with the idea of “cyber hijacking” in the increasingly desperate search for MH370, many are left wondering how long the possibility of a remote control hijack has been possible and why the public hasn’t been warned of this threat. Join us for this week’s Eyeopener report as we examine the cyber hijacking issue and its connections to 9/11.

Grounded also called Earthing (Documentary)

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Scroll down for the video. Below is from under the YT video.
Just after filming a ufo i had 3 cop cars swoop on me and block my car in and interagate me. made me provide evidence that i am filming ufos they also said they know i go there evry morning funny that since they have never driven past me on the hill. i was advised to move along and they made a joke of me. well the joke is on you mr policemen ufos are real. music by yoko katamitsu sourced from the freemusicarchive.
EDIT March 18, 2014. He has made his video private now but you can go to the link below to see a picture of it.

The cops behavior is strange! Also it sounds like he is being watched by the cops.

VERY COOL!! Northern Lights – Video and Article

Awesome!!! 😎
Here is a short article about the photographer Yuichi Takasaka and more AMAZING photos by him.
Northern Lights Photos By Yuichi Takasaka Are Incredible